The I Love Killeen Slides

Do you have a pair I.L.K Slides? 🤔

If the answer to that question is no, then let me tell you why you should be walking around with our slides on your feet.

Our customers have shared that the I.L.K slides “are more comfortable than [their] Nike and Adidas slides”.

Customers “love” our slides and say that they are “so comfy [they] never want to take them off”. Thus, proving what kind of lasting impact the I.L.K slides has on brand supporters. 

In fact, you all loved them so much that we have decided to give you all a special treat.

If you have been following our social media pages, then you’ve probably seen, or participated in the polls for a new color-way of slides. Well, you all spoke up and we listened.

We have just released our first special release I.L.K slides: theOrange 🍊 I.L.K Slides”. This color was highly requested by you, our supporters, and is only the first of many color-way drops.

We thank those who have supported the brand by rocking the original I.L.K slides, keep stepping with us. Go out and tell a friend to a tell a friend, that a new color way of their favorite slides just hit the scene. 

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