The Man Behind The Brand

Introducing the man behind the brand, Mr. William Mathews. Our beloved founder is a creator, an entrepreneur, a businessman, a mentor and so much more. His vision for I Love Killeen Clothing LLC, began three years ago and has since then blossomed.

William spends majority of his time studying fabrics and materials for new products, advertising, networking, shipping and even making in-person deliveries. Consistently putting countless hours and money into the brand.

Not only does William put his time into the brand, but he puts time into the community as well. William has mentored youth in the city teaching them the importance of caring for their community, helping them build healthy relationships, teaching them about financial responsibility and navigating through manhood. As a business owner, William has managed to establish and keep that same rapport with everyone who comes in contact with the brand.

He has truly dedicated himself to the business, the brand and the mission that is I Love Killeen Clothing LLC. In return, we ask that you dedicate yourself to continuing to support and follow us along this journey as we work to build this community to new heights.

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  • Richard Moss on

    That’s what’s up. Black excellence. Keep at it.

  • William Z. Mathews Jr. on

    I’ve got my eyes on ya….lil Bro

  • Celeste on

    Great post Lei. Y’all keep at it

  • LAwrence on

    Good post!

  • ANonymous on

    The city need people like that

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