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Welcome to I Love Killeen Clothing Company Blogs. Here you can get an inside look at what ILK is all about. These weekly blog posts will give you access to a whole new world. Here you can feel apart of the crew and keep up with the latest updates, receive exclusive information about some of your favorite items and more.

ILK originated in 2018 right here in your beloved city Killeen, TX. ILK was created by owner William Mathews to represent the city and give the city a brand they could be proud of. Not only does ILK provide fashionable street wear but it provides community. Many of the proceeds from the clothing brand have been put back into the community. ILK has held a Back to School Supplies drive, stood with and supported Killeen’s Rally for Black Rights and has plans to do so much more.

We exist to represent our city, so continue to support us along this journey in doing so you’re taking part in changing the community around you. Thank you for embracing the brand and showing your love for the city. Much love to all of our supporters. Killeen grown and Texas owned, it’s only up from here. Stay tuned for next weeks post where you’ll get to learn a little bit more about the man behind the madness.

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